Aim of the Congress is to present the most updated research results on the treatment of different psychiatric conditions as schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. Moreover, some specific issues relevant to treatment will be  addressed. Among them, early intervention in risk group; biological markers in psychiatry; new formulations of known psychotropic drugs and their impact on patient’s adherence and clinical outcome; treatment guidelines and recommendations for bipolar and major depressive disorders; new non pharmacological treatments in psychiatry: functional remediation, aerobic exercise, psychoeducation, cognitive remediation;  pathological gambling in clinical populations; assessment and treatment of psychomotor agitation; sleep disturbances and their treatment; immunity  and psychiatric disorders.

Wednesday October 4th 2017
13.30-14.00 Registration
Open issues in the clinical and therapeutic management of major psychiatric disorders
14.00-14:15 Welcome & Introductory remarks
Session 1
Chairpersons:  A. Vita – E. Sacchetti
14.15-14.50 Biological markers in schizophrenia Peter Falkai (Germany)
14.50-15.35 Aerobic exercise in major psychiatric disorders: promises and challenges Peter Falkai (Germany)
15.35-16.10 Gluten and the brain: facts and fallacies Alessio Fasano (USA)
16.10-16.45  Autism spectrum disorders: a paradigm of what can go wrong in the gut-brain cross talk
Alessio Fasano (USA)
16.45-17.00 Coffee break
17.00-18.00 Meet the expert 
Paliperidone Palmitato 3-monthly : a unique opportunity for patients with schizophrenia. From scientific evidences to clinical practice
Patxi Gil  (Spain)
Thursday, October 5th 2017
Session 2
Chairpersons: A.Vita - E.Sacchetti
9.30-10.10 The host-microbe interface in psychiatry: focus on microbial regulation of tryptophan metabolism
Gerard Clarke (Ireland)
10.10-10.50  An update of treatment guidelines on bipolar disorder Heinz Grunze (Germany)
10.50–11.10 Coffee break
11.10-11.50 Cognitive remediation in schizophrenia: state of the art Antonio Vita (Italy)
11.50-12.30 Bipolar and major depressive disorder: arguments for a unitary view and treatment 
Andrea Fagiolini (Italy)
12.30-13.30  Meet the expert 
Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of cognitive disorders during major depression
Antonio Vita (Italy)
13.30-14.30 Lunch
Session 3
Chairpersons: A.Vita - E.Sacchetti
14.30-15.30  Meet the expert
Clinical practice with LAI (Long-Acting Injectable) antipsychotics
Andrea Fagiolini (Italy)
15.30-16.10  Pathological gambling in affective disorder Heinz Grunze (Germany)
16.10-17.10  Special Lecture 
  Treatment of depression: where we are and where we are going? Stuart Montgomery (UK)
17.10 – 17.30 Discussion 
Friday, October 6th 2017
Session 4
Chairpersons: A. Vita - E. Sacchetti
09.30-10.10 Post-traumatic stress disorder in asylum seekers Emilio Sacchetti (Italy)  
10.10-10.50 Toward a precision medicine in psychiatry: the case of adult ADHD  
Stefano Pallanti (Italy)
10.50–11.10 Coffee break
11.10-11.50 Integrated interventions for forensic patients: from jails to rehabilitation
Massimo Clerici (Italy) 
11.50-12.50 Meet the expert 
Psychomotor agitation in psychiatry
Emilio Sacchetti (Italy) 
12.50 – 13.20 Poster award: oral communications
13.20 - 13.30 Closing remarks